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About Us

Amber Autumn (she/her) recently graduated with a degree in film from Northwestern University and has apparently decided to use that taking care of kindergartners and, separately, making tabletop games. She has been making games since childhood, but Scherzando! represents her first attempt to get something published like one of the big kids. She's interested in semiotics, new media, critical theory, and Gay Content™, and wants to make games that incorporate bodily experiences and find inventive ways of creating meaning. She has no formal training in music, but she sure does listen to a lot of it.

You can find Amber gushing about her snake on Twitter @Warupeachi, or email her your best memes at

Elizabeth (any pronouns) is a Chicago violist who likes music, games, and vinegar (though unfortunately only two of those made it into the final cut of Scherzando!). If she had a nickel for every person who ever told her "I wish I were good at music, but I have no talent," she would have enough money to have spent the last year of her life making a game that encourages people to make music un-self-consciously. She's on Twitter sometimes @vinegarviola and on email at

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